Survey and Opinion Engine (SOE):

SOE enables businesses to collect opinions digitally at scale, manage and run online surveys and market research projects and provides consented consumer data (text, voice, video) globally and gather insights for your varied business requirements. Driven by AI & complex algorithms and powered by analytics solutions, this will provide Opinion seekers, Opinion managers & Opinion givers a unique & differentiated experience.

How this works?

  • Client Engine: Smart Mapping

    We work with multiple enterprises globally with diverse requirements. Each enterprise is managed securely and intelligently using smart techniques. Unique identifiers are allocated per supplier. Using our deep knowledge of people, their preferences and interests, specific business requirements are served by mapping the most qualified and relevant traffic making it a productive experience.

  • Research Engine: Enhanced experience

    As we handle multiple research & opinion projects globally, this engine helps to track, monitor the progress, have a view of the health of projects on a near real time basis. This will make the process efficient, more productive, transparent, responsive &drive performance and mostly importantly provide enhanced user experience.

  • Traffic Engine: Smart Opinions

    Opinions matter and if it is aided by relevance then the effectiveness of these drives better results and outcomes in real life. This engine with deep knowledge of the profiles of the opinion givers will drive smarter mapping of demand & supply leading better quality of responses which then would drive smarter end user decisions.

  • Allied Engine: Productivity Enhancer

    Simple, Transparent and convenient way to track accounts payable/receivable with customized reports.

Panel Engagement Module: (PEM)

The Panel Engagement Module (PEM) is to drive efficient engagement and interactions with our varied mix of global panelists. Higher activity ratio will mean more interactions, higher interactions will help us discover the panelists deeper and this will facilitate better quality of responses.

Our recruitment process ensures that we have diversity of profiles across various segments of industry, markets & society at large. The variety of recruitment sources create statistical robustness which ensures that accurate & most relevant opinions are captured in PEM. AI driven algorithms work towards authenticating project mapping to sharp respondent samples.

How this works?

  • Active & Engaged Panelists: Efficient outcomes

    PEM ensures a healthy & active life cycle management of panelists. Strong technology ensures that panelists remain engaged with opinion polls & surveys which they are most relevant to & most interested in. Machine learning via historical trend analysis brings about enhancement in activity level of panelists & each cycle of activity creates sharper insights for projects & deeper profiling of respondents. This way, a machine learning led process brings out higher degree of efficiency for projects & more exciting & relevant surveys to the respondents. PEM works on Active Panelist only and ensure high panel response rate. The panel hygiene is driven by AI and MI on a near real time basis.

  • Deep Knowledge of Panelists: Go deeper know better

    We are in the business of knowing people, deeper & better. The merit of focused life cycle management for respondents results in deeper understanding of panelist across industry & market segments. We believe in leveraging technology to it’s optimum, AI is at the heart of PEM & all activities from panelist go through rigorous analytical processing, giving out very sharp insights which than map strongly to future project needs.

  • Advanced Fraud Detection: Security

    Diversity of data that we hold & maintain through PEM is used in smart manner to fight against fraud. The strength of our global sample gives us opportunity to tread across multitude of fraud scenarios & equips us with means to battle fraud in a comprehensive fashion. Intelligent algorithms constantly churn fraud scenarios from wide sample space of PEM & hardens it with solutions which arrest such possibilities. Right from questionable user behavior to use of fictious IP addresses are mitigated by the strong PEM algorithms. Weighted fraud points help understand fraud sources, patterns & mitigations thereof.

Platform Services: PAPA (Panel Acquisition and Panel Assurance)

PAPA is a state of art, secure, modular, intelligent, flexible, scalable global platform. It helps to enhance engagement with panelists, provides modules & state of the art tools to manage online surveys & research projects efficiently.

Like any leading platform provider, we are committed to innovate, evolve our platform relentlessly & continuously. Our endeavor is to add functionalities to make it the most intuitive connected platform.

How this works?

  • Modular Applications

    The heart of this platform is its modular & scalable architecture. Multiple modular software applications run in parallel & it continues to evolve. Any generally available (GA) modular application of PAPA can be seamlessly added to an existing product to make it more effective & efficient.

    1. SOE Application To configure, manage &run online research projects
    2. Feasibility Application Make your Bid managers razor-sharp
    3. Analytics Application Insights for better decisions
    4. Reporting Application Efficient Reporting
    5. Advanced Fraud detection Security & quality booster
    6. Billing and accounting Accounts payable & receivable management
    7. Payment Gateway Payments to your panelists

    Monthly and Annual licensed subscriptions options are available. This is currently available only to a restricted and prequalified list of customers and partners.

Key features

  1. Enabled with multiple tracking protocols:
    1. Conventional end page method
    2. Tracking via pixel (image/iframe pixel)
    3. Server to server postback
  2. Full API integration options
    1. Enables near real time interactions between client and suppliers
  3. Project management:
    1. Easy and convenient project details input.
    2. Setting up of quotas
    3. Screener placement
      • Rich inventory of screener questions in the platform library
      • Option to create customize screener per project requirement
      • Accurate mapping of screener with the quota set
    4. Real time redirection feature for optimal utilization of traffic
  4. Advance fraud detection:
    1. Browser cookie based
    2. IP based
    3. HMAC based
    4. Availability of different user parameters to cater both desktopor mobile users
  5. Productivity features:
    1. Integrated email feature in the platform (suppliers, client, panelists, employees etc)
    2. Reporting: Advance reporting to micromanage project
  6. Billing and accounting:
    1. Easy, flexible and convenient way to track accounts payable/receivable through one single platform.
    2. Creation of customize reports for accounts team.