Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (DT):

As the world fights the economic fallout of COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that government, institutions and businesses find new ways to keep pace with changed circumstances. Staying close to the customers, partners, consumers, and end users is important to assess and adapt to the changing social, economic and behavioral needs. While this change is forced but it will create new opportunities for new economic activities & it will force disruptive innovations too.

Reaching out to customers, end users, consumers with the traditional methods of face to face data collection, focus group-based discussions have been extremely useful but the world has changed forever and we need newer efficient, scalable & trust worthy technology enabled solutions to meet the demands of the changed environment. While physical distancing is likely to stay but our ability to connect and gather voices, opinions and feedback should continue unhindered.

PAAS Research understands these dynamics and needs of the market research companies and also the expectations of the respondents. Its pre GA Starter Pack platform solution is available to enable market research companies transform itself and reach out to the panelists, customers and partners seamlessly and securely.

Starter pack: 6 steps from Offline to Online MR transformation


Consultation & baselining

  • Where you are
  • Where you want to be
  • What steps Measure success/experiences

Programming connectors

  • Multiple ports to connect with programming tools
  • Seamless connection
  • Flexible options

Project Management Engine

  • Configure, run and manage projects online
  • Enabled with real-time security checks
  • Easy integration capabilities

Panel Engagement Module

  • Integrated email capabilities
  • Reach panel groups seamlessly
  • Easy integration
  • Option to set up screeners for qualification

Reporting and Insights

  • Dashboard for Realtime performance statistics
  • Project performance reports
  • Transport files for better insights

Focused managed services

  • Technical setup, support & management
  • MR Project set up support & management